We Help Businesses Grow and Scale Through Systems and Automation


Marcus Chan: Top Salesforce Sales Executive for 10+ Years

Background: Sales Closer Coach & Course Creator, Featured In Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur Magazine, Market Watch

The Results: Increased Sales From 1st Project, the “6 Figure Sales Secrets” book. Strong Tech Foundation to Build on. Peace of Mind knowing he has The Tech Stack & Support He Needs both now & moving forward to grow & scale his business. A True Long-Term Partnership with a Trusted Advisor. Having Clarity On The Immediate Largest ROI items as well as the Long-Term Growth Strategy. Real-Time KPI Dashboards & Reporting to make Data-Driven Business Decisions based on Measured Results, & NOT Gut-Feelings. Jay listens to what I think I need and recommends the best solution based on not only that but also on what he Knows I’ll Need, sometimes these are things I could not have even anticipated needing, but he just knows from experience.

“I Wish I Would Have Hired Someone Like You Sooner. If You Want A Future Proof Tech Stack You Can Build On, Partnering With Tech Fusion Systems Is Absolutely Vital Early On. If You Want To Build A Great, Successful, Long Term Business With A Good Tech Stack, Good Support System, You Need To Book A Call With Jay NOW!” - Marcus Chan


Charlie Johnson: Top 3 Largest Online Fitness Coaches, Featured In Men's Health & Forbes 

With 25% month-over-month growth CJ Fitness was facing serious efficiency problems causing lower profits and not being able to continue growth at that level.

The Process: FIRST accurate tracking, analytics, and KPI's were measured. SECOND we identified low conversion rates and bottlenecks in the customer acquisition process. THIRD new high converting sales funnels were designed and implemented. FORTH we automated many of the marketing, sales, and client onboarding systems & processes.

The Results: Customer conversion rates were increased by over 400%, customer onboarding is now automated saving us countless hours per customer, and profit margins increased as a result.

"Jay and his team were able to handle all of our technology integrations and client acquisition challenges to enable us to scale over $150K per month. I can not recommend Jay and Tech Fusion Systems enough!" - Charlie Johnson

We Help Businesses Grow and Scale Through Systems and Automation

Chris Hildebrant: Featured In Forbes, Cincinnati Business Leader

Background: A major installer and retrofitter of wireless tower transmitters and fiber optic line installers. Managing projects, field technicians, and keeping customers up to date on statuses was mostly conducted through multiple systems, text messages, and email.

The Process: The chaos surrounding the constant putting out of fires needed to be removed so that we could map out the optimal standard operating procedures. Then automations were put in place to streamline the business processes.

The Results: Enormous time of savings was achieved so that the staff could spend less time putting out fires and more time running the business efficiently.

"We never thought we could run the business this smoothly while saving time." - Chris Hildebrant

We Help Businesses Grow and Scale Through Systems and Automation

Christina Scavone: Commercial and residential land and real estate developer, leaseholder, and property manager.

Background: The company had implemented multiple cloud system solutions covering the various parts of the business and was stuck there.

The Process: We first customized there cloud applications to properly suit their needs. Next, we built out flowcharts of their business processes and procedures. Lastly, we integrated their systems together to share data seamlessly.

The Results: The measurable reduction in time that processes take allowed the company to scale to twice their real estate, lease, and management holdings without increasing staff.

"We wanted to grow but with the chaos of management weren't sure how we could. The integration of our systems and the automations now give us an easy path to growth." - Christina Scavone

We Help Businesses Grow and Scale Through Systems and Automation

Kim Fedrigon: Law firm specializing in divorce, custody, and family law.

Background: Case and document management was handled in separate systems and mostly done manually by the staff. Client acquisition was also mostly by physical presence and word of mouth and was inconsistent.

The Process: We implemented a CRM with integrated document management and digital signing. Document templates were created that pulled data directly from the CRM pre-filled with the required information and sent to the parties involved for digital signage instantly. Paid ads connected to a sales funnel and follow-up system enabled the firm to acquire more cases with predictable growth.

The Results: This eliminated the tedious manual data entry that was prone to errors and enabled the staff to handle more cases coming in while saving time.

"Running a law firm for 30 years I was stuck in the old ways of doing things. I can't believe how powerful technology can be. I wish I could have started my practice with the new tools we have in place." - Kim Fedrigon

We Help Businesses Grow and Scale Through Systems and Automation

Steven Wengerd: A large residential home builder and developer.

Background: With a large in-house sales team, lead supply, lead management, and lead follow-up systems were needed.

The Process: The sales team was using personal spreadsheets and CRM systems making oversight and analytics for the company executives impossible. A team-based CRM integrated along with an automated dialing phone system, automated lead follow-up system, analytics, and reporting was put in place.

The Results: The closing rate for leads was drastically increased and company executives, as well as the sales staff, have real-time reporting of the key performance indicators to make accurate business decisions based on real data.

"We have a dashboard that tracks in real-time the number of leads not contacted, the number of leads contacted, what stage they're at, the price of the deal, and a lot of other data we never had before." - Steven Wengerd

We Help Businesses Grow and Scale Through Systems and Automation

Sunny Karety: Three-tier remote monitoring, management, and IT support outsourcing company.

Background: The lack of a compelling offer targeted to the right audience of potential customers was limiting the growth of the company.

The Process: This client has an amazing offer for it companies to grow and scale through outsourcing. But they needed a sexy and compelling offer along with targeting the right niche of potential customers. We wrote the ad sales copy, landing page, and the rest of the sales funnel, along with follow-up systems to close more clients.

The Results: The company was able to grow at an increased and predictable rate acquiring new customers that were the right fit for their service and offering.

"We were doing marketing in-house and didn't really know what we were doing we had some success but it was inconsistent and our ad spend was too high. Now our ad spend is very profitable and we can grow as fast as we need to." - Sunny Karety